@whybobowhy that depends. They do occasionally, but usually they extend play at the end of the day

@Cricket_World @Paulnico199 Dhoni uses Spartan. This is Reebok?!

@whybobowhy the schedule doesn’t always permit those opportunities & players need time between matches

@LouisMc89 the umpires will make the decision on whether they believe the light is suitable, aided by the floodlights.

@LouisMc89 the floodlights can’t take over from natural light. They’re there to help extend play as long as possible.

Great cricket, bad light, high drama? Find them all on our live blog as the latest round of #LVCC matches conclude: http://t.co/1ANZyDZln0

@SirPureKent ok thanks. I’ll chase this up for you now. Thank you for your patience.

@SirPureKent when did you send the email & did anyone reply?

@SirPureKent can you please email twelfthman@ecb.co.uk & we’ll sort that for you

@Pedro_wedgitos tickets for which venue? I’ll send you the link

AB DeVilliers will win the orange cap in the ipl IMHO. Maxwell will push but fade. #unibet

Here’s our blog on what will hopefully be an enthralling last day of #LVCC action in this year’s third round: http://t.co/RaPCHFE1nR

Want to see video highlights of yesterday’s #LVCC action? Follow the links in the scores near the top of our blog: http://t.co/2GNk47ZX1f

Want to see video highlights of yesterday’s #LVCC action? Follow the links in the scores near the top of our blog: http://t.co/trN6oUYsO3

Pakistan paceman Junaid Khan will return to Emirates Old Trafford to play in @LancsCCC ‘s limited-overs fixtures: http://t.co/aWc9cMXqfS

http://t.co/S0tjnWNKvr scores Durham 308 & 152-7 vs Somerset 185 http://t.co/rfjRpxWcel

@Agoochbasementw thanks for the tweet. I’ll give u a call in the morning…

@TheTurbanList made the turban list all about London nod…Humbled

A frustrating day weather-wise but six of the seven LV=CC games saw action today. Read all about it in our blog: http://t.co/2GNk47ZX1f

Back from an amazing weekend in the south of France. Have you caught up with my tips for the ipl yet? http://t.co/U9PzWgotBn #unibet

@jollyolly @josbuttler Do they do it in Waitrose?!???!

Buttler sees promising signs https://t.co/kU嗥WxL4 via @audioboo #lvcc #nwblast
 @MattPrior1322 Apr

@Bensleys @Oneillsbrighton I’ll call first thing tomorrow then. Thanks a lot
 @MattPrior1322 Apr

@Bensleys @Oneillsbrighton I’ll definitely do that thanks. What are ur opening times to call?
 @MattPrior1322 Apr

I’m in dire need of cellar/basement specialists in Sussex region! Any of u guys recommend anyone please? #flooding
Unbelievable striking going on!! ##SRHvKXIP
 @ECB_cricket22 Apr

@uncleteffs ok thanks. I’ll pass this onto the digital team for you to see what can be done.