@sreesanth3622 Apr

@parthnaik11 I didn’t ..I hve alwys given my very best..
 @imVkohli22 Apr

Behind the scenes shooting for RCB. http://t.co/ct4sku
 @kartikmurali21 Apr

@Ssswain123 yup,koool,its going to be warm
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

@Rakesh_Shankar wow..Thnks ..good old memories🌅🌅👍😇💒
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

@BSalmanian Thnks a lot bro..u take care..I will not give up..
 @kartikmurali21 Apr

@owais58079499 hahahah,well said fred
 @kartikmurali21 Apr

@Swap_7 hahaha good one
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

Wishing Te tournament a gr8 success ..
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

Who’s bng thr for me..will keep giving my very best nd wait for my chances..Thnks again
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

Semi finals today @11 @palace ground .thriponithura .kochi..it’s alwys gr8 to be back on field.that’s whr I belong.thnks a lot to the people
 @sreesanth3621 Apr

@cochin Haneefa trnmnt.it was honour bng thr for CMC team.we won ..mr.rafeeq Bhai recvg man of the match ..keep at it http://t.co/i5ABTJDGxo
well done @RCBTweets….it was grt batting with @ABdeVilliers17…thank you all for the wishes..
 @kartikmurali20 Apr

@PMalone28 hahaha,so sorry about it mate,felt so sheepish after that..i know how it feels as its happ2 me at grocery and clothes stores
 @virendersehwag19 Apr

Guys, join me on #KXIPHangout today at 3pm. Here’s the link for it > http://t.co/ZdPNwlGELv See you all soon :) http://t.co/apCtdo8Nnw
 @imVkohli18 Apr

Nice pic sent to me by a friend :) http://t.co/Fu1MBbDYFK
@sidmallya thank you very much..grt to be in @RCBTweets family…
 @imVkohli16 Apr

Another great day with @YUVSTRONG12 and @henrygayle at the Kingfisher Shoot today. http://t.co/RKNqTqWKGY