@thepaulwilliams @stephenjones9 can’t disagree stupid ruling as was the penalty try!

@LegGully me too and in Black and White

@LNZCC most of the decisions these days are mystifying!

Ringo yeah ‘ Boys’

Punjab asked to bowl first, on a Mohali style pitch….Evens it up a little

@Steve_Fletcher Sadly this div one thing means I don’t get there anywhere as much as I’d like! Will catch you soon, I hope!

@Steve_Fletcher beer sitting nearby?

@LaBlackDahlia they are very public… I’m not happy with them! made that clear at the time, and even more pertinent now.

@paulholmes_ maybe it was more Elly’s programme than MV’s?

@Aggerscricket the diggers preparing the land for the wind farm?

Turned on this Hurricanes match at half time.Julian Savea can have man of the match. Right now!

@DanRichardson21 @Andrew_Gourdie propelled backwards… back to soccer for you!

When the pen try was awarded the blues front row was standing up, can someone tell me if it’s a penalty or reset. Penalty?

@Pete_Shillito @InnoBystander @MichaelVaughan I only tweet what I’d say to faces.

The hand of Henry in the Blues tactics every tackle they make they fall on Canes side slowing ball down and surprise surprise no penalty

@splitter55 @ChennaiIPL im picking mccullum, @faf1307 and matt henry to be CSK stars.

You going to have to wait until it gets printed, and MV paid for it. Could donate the fee… @Prongle28 @InnoBystander @MichaelVaughan

@Prongle28 @dunks517 that’s gold! That’s just brilliant. What is your natural hair colour?

Wrote this a little ago re Trott. http://t.co/aGHZCtD2nUIt makes a little more sense now.

5Live in a couple of mins…

Just checked the bunnies game & the big lad @SamBurgess8 has crashed over ! #thanhegetthis