Gotta love the way Dave Bernard just calmly stayed at the crease and won the game for Jamaica with just one wicket. http://t.co/Bxqpdv2w6m

Barbados needed a Hercules this morning and they almost found one in the form of Kevin Stoute (5-29). http://t.co/WQOQwYF5Qc

Shiv scored 82 for Derbyshire today (Yesterday if you’re in England). Nice going from the legend once again! http://t.co/lUUlYghzKL

Check out all the great shots of the semi-final matches in the Regional 4-Day on our Flickr Page: http://t.co/RJYq8jvZ6o

What did you make of that finish to the 1st semi-final this morning? Describe it in one word!

Big up the entire staff from #Oberoi http://t.co/SgNYbFRwly

Walking into that kitchen now to beg a photo with the chef. As from now on this dish will name #GayleForce http://t.co/arEmpTxzAQ

@piersmorgan: Moyes fan club convention? > RT @henrygayle Rented the entire restaurant for me myself and I. http://t.co/LQipwW5hjj” it is.

Don’t ask me what it is… I just ask the chef to cook the same special he gave me last night. Taste damn good!! http://t.co/Pc5xEdacLw

Chel who? AT who? Have no clue about these teams! #RealMadrid YES! RT @TheMalvika: @henrygayle atletico madrid or chelsea??

Rented the entire restaurant for me myself and I. http://t.co/LQipwW5hjj

Jamaicans overcome Stoute burst to win, reach Final – 4th day, semi-finals: http://t.co/yN35EmUMlj

Congratulations to Jamaica on making the final of the Regional 4-Day Tournament. They will face the Windwards in St Lucia. #R4D

GOD don’t like Ugly …….

It’s absolutely crazy in Barbados as Jamaica lose their 9th wicket. 12 runs to win. Watch it live: http://t.co/2vqNBq4gV6

Haynesville finest baggibest sherland @AliMMc #bestboyz #tinobest team out super sharp this should be… http://t.co/J69Tlq3l0h

Day 4 has started between Barbados and Jamaica. Watch the game live here: http://t.co/WvsNKsvrWq

@verefied: @henrygayle lol, its just 5:22 pm there and you are about to sleep” yes, lion work hard – so need over 10 hours sleep!

Its been a long day – Tired! #SleepTime

Shiv Chanderpaul has just gone past his 120th First Class 50. Derbyshire 250/2 in response to Hampshire’s 328. http://t.co/tI60GB4dBp

Can Barbados pull off the Herculean effort it now takes them to pull this match back? Or are Jamaica in cruise mode from now? #R4D

When it comes to 10months old Manager – David Moyes, You are Not the Manager for Manchester United.

#SackHim RT @IamShaheel: Sacked or left #MoyesOut -It’s a bit harsh on #Moyes Shud av been given time til x-mas,What’s ur view @henrygayle?
 @tinobest22 Apr

Ye I’m roastttt … Forgot to post hahahaha #myweekends #beachballvibes #tinobest http://t.co/c2FQmXABKO
 @westindies22 Apr

In case you missed the link earlier, here is Vidia Ramphal, Colin Croft and Brij Parasnath’s wrap on the 2nd semi: http://t.co/UpmJV1yqhk
 @westindies22 Apr

TON UP! Jonathan Carter struck 111 to give Barbados a fighting chance against Jamaica in their bid to make the final. http://t.co/OJYma4ASZf